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FAU-G pre-registration, game download apk, release date, updates.

FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) the Indian alternative to PUB-G is set to launch this Republic Day.
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New Feature Added In WhatsApp Desktop

The company has introduced a new calling feature this time, taking the WhatsApp desktop users into account.

Can 5G be cheaper with latest Snapdragon 480 processor

Snapdragon 480 processor is a 5G solution for the global market. In the near future, 5G will benefit more than 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide

PlayStation 5 pre-sale in India: Release date, Pricing, accessories

It has been more than a month since the new PlayStation5 began to be launched globally.

Samsung brand new Logo bangs OLED sales with a Deep meaning

The official announcement of the launch of Samsung brand new logo - "Samsung OLED", for its OLED products. Samsung, a leader in the display industry, said the "Samsung OLED" brand
Folding Iphone

Is the iPhone folding screen coming soon? Both designs passed initial testing

From the beginning of 2018 to the launch of four brands and seven products in 2020, folding screen mobile phones seem to have become one of the development trends of future mobile phones.
Google launched People Cards for India only users

Google launched ‘People Cards’ for India only users

Google India launched a new feature called as People Cards in India which allows users to create their profiles on Google Search Engine. They have been testing..
Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with massive 120X zoom may launch soon

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company, is hosting a 10th anniversary launch event on August 11, Previously the company has launched Mi 10 5G and now it has launched Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
iphone 12 price leak

iPhone 12 series prices leaked : more expensive than expected.

iPhones have a  tendency to cost more than their predecessors but in the case of iPhone 12, they can cost more than expected by earlier leaks.According to the league on Twitter...

The new iPhone 12 will have a very tiny screen

It is known for quite some time that the iPhone 12 has a small screen size of 5.4 inches. Recent leak shows us precisely the size of the latest iteration of...