Today Indonesia’s Bigetron Red Aliens won the PUBG Mobile World League East Division finals. India’s Orange Rock and Thailand’s RRQ Athena secured 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

PUBG Mobile World League is the global tournament. Due to the current pandemic situation the tournament was divided into two divisions east & west. The East division mainly consisted Asian teams while the west division consisted American and European teams. Total prize pool for the tournament was $425,000 but as the tournament divided the prize pool was splitted into $226,000 for each division.

PMWL East was started with 20 teams qualified from various tournaments. The tournament was held over the course of 4 weeks. In the first 3 weeks, Top 16 teams in league days qualified for super weekends. Top 16 teams qualified for finals according to overall rankings of 3 super weekends.

Bigetron Red Aliens also known as BTR performed dominantly in all 3 super weekends. RRQ Athena and Orange Rock also performed well on Super Weekends. BTR and RRQ were considered for the trophy but OR (Orange Rock) performed well in finals and contested them for the crown. The overall rankings are :-

On the last day of Finals, BTR, RRQ and OR topped the overall ranking 1 time each. The difference between was so small that no one was considered a clear winner till the final match.

BTR won the prize $100,000. Orange Rock was awarded with $50,000 and RRQ got $20,000 as prize money. MVP of the tournament was Break from Box Gaming.


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