Social Media Giant Facebook is testing out new clean design for the pages. New design of pages looks like Instagram or Twitter. The new design is clutter free and less complex to use.

Facebook pages which are used by public figures like actors, influencers, politicians, organisations etc. The new design is made available to some public figures for testing figures.

In the new layout, you cannot see the exact number of followers and likes on pages instead of that you can see a round up figure eg.You have 20,52,346 followers on your page so you cannot see exact figures instead you will see 2.5 million followers.

In the new layout you can see the number of the followers above the follow button. Below that you can see the profession and it is followed by story highlights. People who are testing the feature recently said that you cannot see homeposts,photos,about and videos instead of that you can see relevant stuff about the person who you will like.

The new layout change doesn’t feature a button instead you have a follow button. Previously after you like a page on Facebook you automatically follow the page but new design focuses on the followers not on likes.

The new layout also helps to switch across public pages and personal accounts swiftly. 

Also the page owner can control the page access. They can easily assign tasks and access to the page admins by edit access option.

The new update also makes it easy to get insights from pages and even from posts. The new updated Insights section also tells us which post is better performing and has the maximum number of engagements. The new update helps page owners to gain maximum engagement with followers.

The Facebook hasn’t official date for launch of this update as the feature is still testing. The update will be launched after completing all tests successfully


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