Google India launched a new feature called as People Cards in India which allows users to create their profiles on Google Search Engine. They have been testing this feature for a couple of years. Their aim is to bring Virtual visiting cards to Google where you can display your Social media, your achievements and website which can help small businesses to grow and get an online presence and recognition. 

Google said, ”Introducing the people card on Google Search. Showcase your business, passion or portfolio when people search for you on Google.” Along with that  Google shared the link to create the ‘People Cards’.

People Cards was initially available only for mobile users. To enable People Cards user will need to login into their Google account and create their public profile on Google. This new feature is available only in English for the time being, though other languages will be added in near future.

Users can choose to include the image from their official google profile or they can change according to their perspective. But, for this users will need to have or create a Google account and need to give their mobile number to verify their existence. 

As per PTI, Google Search Product Manager Lauren Clark said that It has been the India-first feature and we have been testing this for a couple of years, users will be able to create a Virtual card on Google Search and highlight their existing website or social media profiles. Clark also stated that only one People Card can be created using one account.

The primary purpose of People Card is to allow users to have a public profile on Google Search which can help small scale business models and push individuals to showcase themselves to a wider audience. Although it was initially stated as Profile Cards in february it was unable for users as it was an ongoing process. But, now it has launched after Google announced to invest $10 Billion in India.

Google claims that with People Cards it will provide helpful information to the public and thus low quality and irrelevant content can be flagged abusive. It will be a combination of the automated Google Bots and human verification and reviews. Individuals can opt out of People Cards anytime.

How To create People Card on Google

  • Sign in to your google account 
  • Search for “Add me to search” on google
  • Now, you will see a prompt saying “Add yourself to Google Search”
  • Tap the prompt and then you will need to provide your phone number 
  • Then you will be verified through a six digit code to begin
  • You will be redirected to a form to let you create your profile by adding your location, your personal description and your occupation 
  • There will be various options to add details about your work, hometown, education, website and social media profiles.

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