R is a programming language used for statistical computing by statisticians and data scientists alike.

Most popular platform used for R programming is R-Studio but it is only available on PC’s and laptops. There are many articles available on the internet showing how to install R language in Android

but in many of those methods android phone must be rooted is but today, we will show you how to install R language on Android without rooting your device.

How to install R on Android without root

Step 1

First you need to install two apps from Playstore which are Termux and Andronix. After that open Andronix, in the dashboard of Andronix you will see multiple distributions of Linux you can select

any distribution from the list but for the purpose of this tutorial we will be using kali Linux (white dragon in a black rectangle)

Screenshot 20200921 220758 Andronix TechPholio

Step 2

After clicking on Kali Linux a message will pop up stating limitations of Andronix. Close this message and click again on Kali Linux.

Screenshot 20200921 220932 Andronix 1 TechPholio

Step 3

The menu will pop up scroll down and look for Non-DE variant section and click on button labeled kali.

Screenshot 20200921 220956 Andronix 1 TechPholio

Step 4

Now the command to install kali is copied to your clipboard, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see the prompt saying command copied! Open Termux. Click on open Termux.

Screenshot 20200921 221000 Andronix 1 TechPholio

Step 5

Now the Termux will open, click and hold on the screen to paste command in the terminal. After you see command as shown in the image on your screen press enter on your keyboard.

Screenshot 20200921 232024 Termux TechPholio

Step 6

Downloading will start, it will take some time as you can see in the below image it took 10min to download but in your case it depends on your internet speed. What we have done so far is to install a virtual Linux terminal in the android device. You can do so many things in the Linux terminal that you cannot do in the non-rooted android phone. We highly encourage you to learn basics of Linux terminal for better understanding. But for the purpose of using just R language you don’t need to!

After complete installation you’ll see the last line written as (you can now launch kali with the ./start-kali.sh script) just type ./start-kali.sh and press enter

Screenshot 20200921 222849 Termux 1 TechPholio

Step 7

You’re in the kali Linux terminal now. Type apt install r-base and press enter, R language installation will start. It may take some time depending on the internet connection.

Screenshot 20200921 232748 Termux 2 TechPholio

Step 8

After download and installation finishes type R and press enter

Screenshot 20200921 232831 Termux 1 TechPholio

Step 9

Now you can run R!

After completing your session in R to exit from R, type q() and press enter if you want to save file press y and if you dont want to save press n and then enter.

Then for exiting from kali Linux type exit and press enterĀ 

For exiting from Termux again type exit and enter.

Screenshot 20200921 233956 Termux 1 TechPholio

If you want to use R again it’s fairly simple just open Termux type ./start-kali.sh press enter after that type R (capital) and press enter. Easy! If you want to learn more tutorials like this or you have any questions just let us know in the comments. If you want to learn more about Linux in general or how to use Linux in android just leave a comment or you can directly give us suggestions in contact us page.

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