iPhones have a  tendency to cost more than their predecessors but in the case of iPhone 12, they can cost more than expected by earlier leaks.

According to the league on Twitter by user @komiya_kj, the base variant of the new iPhone 12 (64GB variant) price will start at $699. According to previous leaks, the 128 GB variant of iPhone was predicted at $649. This new leak suggests  that the customers would have to pay $749 for the 128GB variant. And for the 256GB storage customers would have to pay $849.

For other regions price is yet to be leaked. But it can be assumed that the prices will be around the same ballpark. 

For bigger 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Max 5G (64GB) customers would have to pay $799, $849 for 128GB storage and $949 for 256GB storage. Which is significantly more than previous leaks.

This new leak by the source has only provided the prices for the 5G models. Some sources suggest that there will be cheaper 4G alternatives of the iPhone 12. In the case of iPhone 12 Pro which could only be available in 5C model, this source claims that the prices will start at $1049 for 128 GB storage and $1149 for 256 GB storage. And for 512 GB storage iPhone 12 Pro will cost $1349. All of these prices are $100 higher than the previously suggested prices.

In the case of iPhone 12 Pro Max suggested costs are $1149, $1249, $1449 for 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage respectively.

The source also suggested that the prices mentioned above are the maximum prices and the real prices could be $50 less than the prices mentioned above.

The source @komiya_kj also shared battery sizes for the iPhone 12 line up, with iPhone 12 having 2227 mAh iPhone 12 Max having 2815 mAh iPhone 12 Pro having 2775mAh and finally iPhone 12 Pro Max having 3687mAh battery. leaks by this source is inline with the previous leaks.

All of these are very early leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt. The source mentioned, has yet to develop a reputation. Some sources also suggest the iPhone 12 standard will be having smaller screen size.

Apple generally launches a new iPhone in September. So it is possible that iPhone 12 will be officially announced in September 2020 but it could be long when customers can actually buy one.


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