From the beginning of 2018 to the launch of four brands and seven products in 2020, folding screen mobile phones seem to have become one of the development trends of future mobile phones. At least in the positioning of the flagship, the technological advancement of the folding screen has a natural charm. So, when the Android camp was having a great time, Apple, which is good at producing high-end flagship phones, naturally has its own plans.

There is news that Foxconn is testing the assembly structure of two folding screen mobile phone designs, and both solutions have passed the test. It is reported that these two designs are from Apple. In other words, the folding screen iPhone is likely to come earlier than we expected.

iPhone folding screen mechanism

The two solutions tested this time are not complete mobile phones, but only mobile phone shells and folding structures. The purpose of the test is to investigate the reliability of the folding structure.

One of the designs is similar to the vertical internal fold form of the Moto RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and the other design is similar to the “flat folding” form of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series.

Earlier there were reports that Apple has asked Samsung to supply folding OLED panels, and Samsung will exclusively supply one year’s amount. This is regarded as the starting gun of the foldable iPhone, and Apple will use these foldable panels to test the foldable iPhone in the prototype stage.

Apples New Folding Iphone Prototype 1

Apples New Folding Iphone Prototype 2

Samsung has the most mature foldable OLED panel product solution. Although the actual application value of foldable OLED screens has not been fully demonstrated, people obviously can’t wait to get a “futuristic” operating experience.

Currently, Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have all launched their own folding-screen¬†phones.¬†Although many media outlets have revealed Apple’s folding screen patents, but has been slow to release.

It is worth noting that Foxconn is not currently testing finished machines, but only for the reliability of screens and hinges. The report also claims that only one collapsible iPhone model is intended for mass production. Both prototypes are likely to use Samsung’s flexible OLED panel, and other sources about the folding version of the iPhone have not indicated that the price is expected to exceed 115000 INR.

The iPhone 12 series unveiled in the fourth quarter of last year had 5G, a “full range” design and new cameras, but the overall impression was still lackluster, just like the years before the birth of the iPhone X series. So sooner or later, Apple will give the iPhone series a truly innovative design, letting the iPhone surprise the world again. The foldable screen design that is currently maturing is probably the brand new design that the iPhone urgently needs.

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