Today, PUBG Mobile announces that they are entering into new era with PUBG Mobile’s next update V.1.0.0

Big changes are made in the game with new UI, Graphic changes and changes in gameplay. The changes are very drastic and will change the game experience forever. Here are the changes-

New Lobby and UI

The first drastic change we see in the game is a change in lobby. The new Lobby is divided into three sections:- Main Lobby, Social and Events.

Main lobby is the lobby we see in the starting game. The start button is on the bottom left corner and menu for selection of map and game modes.

main lobby 3 TechPholio

Social Lobby is the new addition made to the game. Here we can showcase our vehicles skin, Gun skins and achievements. We can show up to three vehicle and gun skins. The first slot for vehicles and guns is free but we have to buy two other slots. We can show three achievements for free. Three slots for achievements are totally free.

social lobby 6 TechPholio

In the Events lobby, we can see events like lucky spin. We can also get details about rewards in premium,classic and special crates.

Screenshot 20200826 204838 YouTube TechPholio

Cheer Park

Big changes are made in the cheer park of PUBG Mobile. New Quick draw zone is added in the cheer park. In the new Quick draw zone we can do quick draws in special areas. The new Quick draw zone is under construction in current version but we will get this new zone in next update V.1.0.0

Screenshot 20200825 163514 BETA PUBG MOBILE TechPholio

Also new infection mode is added to cheer park. This infection mode is similar to the old infection mode but this time it is in cheer park. But we can’t confirm that it will be in cheer park or it will be new mode. This infection mode will be the base latest Collab between PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus. The zombies in this new mode will be different from the previous mode.

infection 3 TechPholio
PUBG Mobile- new Infection mode- Zombie King
infection 2 1 TechPholio

The island inside the lake in cheer park is changed and the island is made of heart shaped. And swings are added and picnic tables like zharki are also added to this island.

New Surprises

The PUBG Mobile teased new surprises in this update v1.0.0. As per Beta version, the surprise will be most awaited reboot of Erangel map Erangel 2.0

Erangel 2.0 is the most awaited feature in the game. In this reboot the houses are changed. Textures in maps are also changed. 

Changes in Gameplay

Ultra High Definition resolution is added to the game. Players can experience game in UHD on supported devices. Also zero visibility controls are added to the game. Players can set transparency for controls at 100% means controls will be invisible. New mode is added to the Erangel map, A.C.E evolution. Players have to complete missions in game to redeem rewards like weapons and consumables in game.

New global tournament 

After the success of PUBG Mobile World League, PUBG Mobile announced a new global tournament called  PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The price pool for the tournament will be $2 million. Pro teams invited from South asia,South East Asia,India,Japan, Europe,Middle East,Americas and China also will compete in this tournament for the championship.

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