PUBG Sanhok map gets a redesign and many new features to celebrate 70 million sales of game

Sanhok is one of the popular maps of PUBG. This jungle map is spread over an area of 4×4 In this map the pace of gameplay is very fast. Sanhok was the 3rd map introduced in the game.

This redesign includes adding new locations and the redesign of old locations. Sanhok will also get new features like Armoured truck,Confiscated weapons, Decoy grenade and many more 


New Locations and redesigning of old locations – 

The problem for the sanhok map was that the most of the players only land on Paradise Resort,BootCamp or Ruins so the PUBG corp decided to add new locations with good loot to attract players

The docks least popular location in Sanhok map at south east direction. The Docks is replaced by Getaway, a tropical party town with good loot for many teams

Not only the least popular locations,popular locations like BootCamp will be redesigned. The buildings will get least messed up. Underneath the main building the network of secret tunnels spread across the location. The tunnels are the most exciting for players. Fights will be unexpected and have high chances of third parties inside the tunnels.

Armoured Truck and Confiscated Weapons –

The self driven Armoured loot truck will be roaming around the map like the Vikendi train. Players have to destroy the truck to get level 3 loot and confiscated weapons. The weapons will have pre-attached attachments. The trucks will get more time to destroy and wherever the truck goes it will be an intense fight hotspot. The teams will fight for the loot

Decoy Grenade –

PUBG corporation tweeted a video featuring Decoy grenade. This video says that ” In the deep of the jungle, Even your ears can’t be trusted.” The decoy grenade looks like a normal frag grenade but has the yellow colored band on it. The Decoy Grenade sounds like M416 bullets. This grenade is used to confuse other players about location. The Decoy grenade will be available in Sanhok map after update.

Release Date –

The updated Sanhok map along with new additions coming to the game for season 8 will hit test servers this week. The global release for PC is scheduled on 22 July and 30 july for Xbox, Playstation and Stadia.

Is Sanhok redesign good ?

After the rework on Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi, it was obvious that sanhok will get rework. The update is good. The update will get players to land on many other places along with popular drops. 


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