The official announcement of the launch of Samsung brand new logo – “Samsung OLED”, for its OLED products. Samsung, a leader in the display industry, said the “Samsung OLED” brand not only showcased to the public Samsung’s unique glory of leading the market with its first global production of OLED in 2007, but also demonstrated the “OLED is Samsung” brand confidence.

Of course, the creative Samsung doesn’t just leave art on the surface, its Logo is deeply meaning.

It is understood that Logo also expressed Samsung’s corporate vision, that is, “the display is to connect people with people, people and the world together window.”

At the same time, angular curves and paper-like free-folding forms also reflect the scalability of OLED designs.

In addition, Samsung says it will work with customers around the world in the future to enhance brand competitiveness and increase consumer awareness of the “Samsung OLED” brand by strengthening marketing campaigns.

In this regard, some netizens said, the future Samsung display will be the same as the Dragon processor, the Logo printed on the outer packaging of the phone.

The South Korean company says it has plans to release more than 10 types of OLED panels for laptop use with the production of 15.6-inch full HD panel starting from February.

It is reported that yesterday Samsung released a new Neo QLED TV series, using Mini LED light source technology, Samsung Neo quantum processor.

The TV has the ability to build AI neural network models with 16 AI improvement and deep learning training models to improve the picture quality to 4K or 8K for clearer picture clarity.

At present, Samsung has not yet announced the price and listing information.

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