It is known for quite some time that the iPhone 12 has a small screen size of 5.4 inches. Recent leak shows us precisely the size of the latest iteration of the iPhone.

Digital chat station is a prominent leaker in the tech space. In the recent Twitter post they have shared the two photos of  the new iPhone 12 screen which is claimed to be 5.4 inches. For comparison they have photographed the screen alongside fingers which is conveying easy usability of the device with one hand.

Looking at the two images it seems like they are taken on the assembly line of the factory where iPhones are mass produced. But other than the small size of the screen that is not much to say about the new iPhone 12. The screen has iconic large notch showing the phone just looks like iPhone 11 but smaller in size.

If the league is completely legitimate this is the first true look at the iPhone 12. Design of my phone 12 is completely according to the expectations. But this leak should be taken with a grain of salt as the iPhone 12 is far from launch.

Important thing to take away from this leak is that the new iPhone 12 could be really tiny, great news for the fans of compact phones. We cannot know for sure if this is completely true but we may never have to wait longer as Apple generally unveils their new phones in September. But it could be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.


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